2018 will be our Association’s 50th year. To mark this milestone, we would like all Oshwal Members to get involved in celebrating this special anniversary.

Keep an eye on this page for more details and how you can get involved and also we encourage all Oshwal Members to share their ideas as to how you would like to see our Association celebrate this special year.

Planning for the future!

The second Friday of each month is always a busy one, as we have our regular monthly Executive Committee (EC) meeting. This Friday was no exception!

If you are an Oshwal Member please share your ideas as to how you would like to see our Association celebrate our 50th Anniversary Year in 2018.

If you are not an Oshwal Member, and would like to become one, please complete the membership form, click here.

50 Year Celebration Suggestions

The Oshwal Experience

The Oshwal Experience – A Journey that began 2500 years ago, encompassing hard work, family values and self-less deeds of our forefathers.

50th Anniversary Celebrations Contacts

Tushar J Shah (Hon. President)
(E) president@oshwal.org

Nilesh Shah (Hon. Vice President)
(E) nilesh.shah@oshwal.org

Hemini Shah (Hon Secretary)
(E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Ashish Jayantilal Patani (Hon. Treasurer)
(E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

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