Under the current Regulations of the Oshwal Association of the UK (OAUK), there are nine key Areas. Each Area shall act in pursuance of the Objectives of the Association, which are outlined in the Constitution of the OAUK; and shall be subject to such conditions as may from time to time be laid down by the Executive Committee.

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EC and Area News

Sari Wearing Workshop @ Shakti Centre

  Special thanks to Minaben Shah and her friend Chhaya for organising the sari wearing workshop at the Shakti Centre. The evening was well attended and...

Message from your Chair – Luton

Jai Jinendra, At the turn of the year many people take this as an opportunity to re-focus on their individual priorities by making resolutions. Choices...

Jain Pathshala and Sutras

MONDAY 13TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - 2ND JAIN PATHSHALA CLASS EXPLORES DIFFERENT SUTRAS. This evening 8.30pm to 10pm we saw our 2nd Jain...

Fagan Teras 6 Gauv-ni Yatra

FRIDAY 10TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - FAGAN TERAS 6 GAUV-NI YATRA Fagan Teras 6 Gauv-ni Yatra took place on the 10th March 2017....

Ramat Gamat and Medavdo Divas

On Friday 3rd march we held our first Ramat Gamat and Medavdo Divas of 2017. With 60 people already registered to attend we knew we had a busy day ahead. In total, we had 63 people attend.

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