Youth Blog

Why You Should Care About Your Mental Health

There are many ways you can improve not just your own mental health, but even those around you.

Oshwal Writing Festival!

This a great chance to have your work published and get involved with our community.

Gender blog

Gender plays an important part in our community as it's all about being open to the perspectives and emotions of us both boys and girls.

Results Day 2020!!

Whatever happens, or has happened when you open that envelope, and whether you’ve got your results or not yet, it’s going to be ok!

Anish Vadgama – My experience

Overall, I think being on the media programme has been a fantastic opportunity to learn new things.

Anneka Shah – My experience as a Media Volunteer for OAUK

Working with other volunteers has been a highlight of the experience. Our shared culture and community make us a great team, that have a good understanding of each other and can easily build on each other’s ideas.

Ayana Shah – My Youth Media Experience Blog

I've loved having the opportunity to work alongside Oshwals my age and help the team create and modernise the Oshwal brand.

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