Dhaja Celebration Event

Sunday 6 September 2020 from 8am

It will be the fifteenth (15th) anniversary of our Jain Derasar. The sixteenth (16th) Flag raising ceremony will take place on Sunday, 6th September 2020. On this auspicious day, Snatra Puja will be performed at 8.00am followed by Sattar Bhedi Puja at 9.00am. The flag will be raised at 12.39pm.

Seven (7) members of the family whose number is picked up from a token draw will have the opportunity to perform Pooja, Aarti, Mangal Divo and Shantikalash at the Derasar in addition to participating in the Flag ceremony. Members of the whole Sangh will be able to view this great event via OAUK virtual webcast.

A Nakro of £101.00 has been kept. To take this great opportunity please contact the Oshwal Centre office on 01707 643838 or Varshaben Dilipbhai Shah Tel: 07710230377

Details in Gujarati, click here.