Oshwal Directory 2018

Verification Emails and/or Letters are going out to households. Please reply by Thursday 31 May 2018. You MUST reply irrespective of whether you have previously replied or not, as there are new Data Protection rules and consent requirements. If you DO NOT reply your entry may not be included in the new Oshwal Directory.

Remember we will be printing in the new Oshwal Directory whether or not you are a Life Member or Non-Member. If you would like to be a Life Member, click here.

If you haven’t received a verification email or letter, please use the attached blank form to submit your details. Please DO NOT fill this in if you have already replied to an email or letter, as we are still processing them. To download the blank form, click here.

Directory Project in Numbers






Overall reply rate Incorrectly competed replies received Households not providing email address Queries Sorted Replies corrected completed which have been processed
Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 Note 4 Note 5



  1. The overall reply rate is based on all households which have been send verification email or letter. This means that some 63% of households are yet to reply back to the verification email or letter. We request urgent action from households to reply back.
  2. In 20% of replies, households are failing to completed the replies correctly, most commonly failing to complete the disclaimer, which would mean their households details would be omitted from the directory, as without properly completed disclaimer, we would be unable to print their details in the directory.
  3. 58% of households are not providing an email address. Having at least one email address per households, would make life a lot easier, as a means of communication. It would be faster to send out verification details and cheaper than postal letters. We urge all households to provide at least one email address, either grown-up children could provide an email address for their elderly parents who may not have any email address.
  4. Of the 700+ queries we have received, 34% have been replied back to or sorted. Please bear with us as we process the high volume of calls and email queries we are receiving.
  5. We have processed 800+ correctly completed replies which have been received.


If you need help with the email or letter verification, please contact the Directory Team as follows:

General Enquiries ONLY: directory@oshwal.org – Please allow 15 working days for a reply.

Helpline number: 07538 675 548  – Please DO NOT leave multiple messages, a member of Directory team will try and reply back within 15 working days.

Complete the form below.

Directory Help
(i.e. House Number AND Street Name)

President's Message

On behalf of OAUK, I apologise this task has been pending for some years now and we have not been able to deliver a hard copy of our Oshwals Directory. We had been faced with many difficulties as several databases were merged and unfortunately errors had occurred. It has taken some time to rectify these errors. As much time has elapsed, and over that time, there will have been changes in family details with marriages, new additions and sadly some members no longer with us.

To help us rectify this and ensure that our merged database is now correct, every household will be receive an email where one was registered in your forms. Families where we do not have an email address will receive a form in the post. This process will take place over the next fortnight, so please keep monitoring your Emails and/or spam mail. Each household only has until Wednesday 31st January 2018 to correct any errors and email or post the form back to us.

New Data Protections rules come into effect in the UK in 2018 and it is important we adhere to these regulations and we request each family to respond to the emails or hard copy whether the data is correct or not. This is to ensure we have accurate membership records and not just for Directory purpose, so I urge all to respond quickly.

Not received any Email or Letter?

If you think you have not received a verification Email yet, first ask other members of your household, as it may have gone to them depending on the email that was originally registered with us. Please note that there will be one verification email per households NOT Individual verification emails.

We have now simplified the matter in case you have not received the Email or accidently deleted from your Spam/ Junk Mail Box.  You can download a BLANK DIRECTORY Form for you to fill in and available from the link below .


Tushar Jayantilal Shah

OAUK Hon.President

Reply Rate Chart

The following chart will show the per cent reply rate on verification emails and letters sent out to households by Area as at 10 Jan 2018.

East 51%
Leicester 37%
Luton 33%
Northamtpon 50%
North 31%
North East 31%
North West 35%
South 35%
Wesst 30%

Latest Updates

By 1 Feb 2018 – first batch of 1,200 verified households details published on the Oshwal Directory Online.

By 25 Jan 2018 – 2,300+ reply emails and letters have been received, which are being processed by volunteers.

By 11 Jan 2018 – 1,500+ reply emails and letters have been received, which are being processed by volunteers.

By 31 Dec 2017 – 2,100+ Email verification to be sent to North West Area. In summary, 6,000+ households have now been contacted with either a Email or Letter verification.

By 30 Dec 2017 – 1,400+ Letters have been posted to all remaining Areas. Watch out for letters in the post in the 1st week of January.

By 29 Dec 2017 – 800+ Letters have been posted out to East, Leicester, Luton, Northampton, South and West Areas. 700+ Email verification sent out to North and North East Area.

By 28 Dec 2017 – 1,100+ Email verification sent out to East, Leicester, Luton, Northampton, South and West Areas. Also, 800+ Letters have been packed and ready to be posted.

By 26 Dec 2017 – Email mail merge done for all all Areas.

By 22 Dec 2017- DRAFT Emails and letter mail merge tested.

By 20 Dec 2017 – Email systems and Letter template formats have been readied.

Overall Reply Rate

The following chart will show the overall reply rate from households as at 10 Jan 2018.

Help Poster

Latest Updates

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Thank you for your Directory Replies


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Video Guides

The following are links to video guides on how to reply back to the verification emails / letters sent out to households.

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