East Area Paryushan 2018

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East Area celebrates Xmas Party 2018 (in Gujarati)

ઈસ્ટ એરિયા  ક્રિસમસ પાર્ટી ઈસ્ટ એરિયા એ શનિવાર તારિક 29th ડિસેમ્બર ૨૦૧૮ ના રોજ સેઇન્ટ જોર્નસ ચર્ચ હોલ, સેવેનકીંગ્સ,  માં ૭.૦૦ થી ૧૦.૦૦ વાગ્યા...
East Area Xmas Party Photo 1

East Area celebrates Xmas Party 2018 (in English)

On Saturday 29th Dec 2018, East Area celebrated the X’mas party at St. Johns Hall, Sevenkings, Essex. It was a very pleasant climate and...

East Pathsala 2018 (in Gujarati)

પાઠશાળા ઈસ્ટ એરિયા માં પાઠશાળા શરૂ કરવાનો વિચાર કર્યો  અને ખુબજ જલદી તે પૂર્ણ પણ થઈ ગયો  . જયેશભાઇ એ ક્લાસ કરાવ્યા અને ખુબજ...

East Pathsala 2018 (in English)

East Area committee decided to start Jain Pathsala and with the help of our religious priest, Jayeshbhai, the pathsala started in East area. The classes...

East December Dal Roti (In Gujarati)

દાળ રોટી સાથે રમત ગમત શનિવાર તારિક ૨૪ નવેમ્બર ના દિવસે  ઈસ્ટ એરિયા સમિતિ એ એક દાળ રોટી નો પ્રોગ્રામ ગોઠ વેલ અને મોટી સંખ્યા...

East December Dal Roti (in English)

East area organised a monthly event at St Johns Hall, Seven Kings, on 24th November at 7.00pm. It was a very windy and cold...

East Area Celebrates Diwali and New Year (in Gujarati)

ઈસ્ટ એરિયા માં દિવાળી ની ઉજવણી. પૂર્વ ક્ષેત્ર ઓસ્વાલ એસોસિયેશન દ્વારા  ૯  નવેમ્બર ૨૦૧૮, શુક્રવારે,  કેનન પ્રાથમિક એકેડેમી, સેવનકિંગ, એસેક્સ ખાતે દિવાળી  ઉજવવામાં આવી હતી...

East Area Celebrates Diwali and New Year (in English)

Diwali and New Year celebration was held, at Cannon Palmer Academy, Seven King, Ilford Essex on the 9th November 2018, from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. The...

Rangoli Demo (in English)

RANGOLI DEMONSTRATION BY BIJALBEN SHAH East Area Oshwal Association held a monthly event on 24th October 2018 and were honoured to have Bijalben Shah to...

Rangoli Demo (in Gujarati)

પૂર્વ એરીઆમાં  રંગોલી નિદર્શન. બિજલ બેન શાહ દ્વારા 27 ઓક્ટોબર, 2018 ના રોજ, પૂર્વ એરીઆમાં, સેવન કિંગ્સમાં, સેન્ટ જોન્સ ચર્ચ હોલ, ખાતે બિજલ બેન દ્વારા...

East Area Pathsala Classes

by Jayeshbhai from Oshwal Centre

VENUE: St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB.

TIME: 8pm to 10pm

DATES: 20th June, 4th and 25th July, 15th and 22nd Aug, 5th and 26th Sept., 3rd and 10th Oct., 14th and 28th Nov, 5th and 12th Dec. 2018.

CHARGE: There is a nominal charge of £2.00 per person attending the class


  • Kishore Lalji Haria: Mobile – 07920 068 513 or Home – 020 8503 9010
  • Lalitaben A Shah: Mobile – 07557 901 321 or Home – 020 8220 8827

Yoga Classes (Every Tuesday)

TIME: 8.00PM – 9:00PM (Every Tuesday)

VENUE: St. Johns Church Hall, St. Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB

EVENT DETAILS: Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. This is open to all our members. Please come and join the classes.

CHARGES: MEMBERS £1.00 per session per person / £ 5.00 for 5 sessions. NON-MEMBER £2.00. per session

CONTACT: Bhartiben Babulal Shah – 020 8590 0091.

NOTE: Bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water.

Monthly Social Gathering

DATES: Last Saturday of the each Month

VENUE: St. Johns Church Hall, St. Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB

TIME: 7.00pm to 10.00pm

EVENT: A chance to meet up and enjoy dinner together with Games, set programes and talks. Any new ideas welcome.


  • Members £20.00 for this year from April to Dec 2018.
  • Non members £25.00 for this year from April to Dec 2018
  • On the door £3.00.PER PERSON
  • Free for all students and University students.


  • Sumita Shanti Shah 07504 032 517 or 020 8518 1848
  • Ashvin and Lata Shah – 07931 228 973 or 020 8551 3776

Thursday Club

At our East Area Thursday Clubregular activities such as Satsangs, Exercises, card games, classes and talksetc. Takes place and the members really enjoy them. There is light refreshments served and some times full meal is served.

The club is formed so that our members can come out of their home and come and mingle with other area members. This is a club where every one enjoys and if you are at home doing nothing why don’t you join in.

TIME: 1:00pm -3:00pm

VENUE: St. Johns Church Hall, St. Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB

ENTRANCE FEES: £50 for the year- This entitles you to attend all the Thursdays or £2.00 per person at the sesson.


  • Lalitaben Ambritlal Shah – 020 8220 8827 or 07557 901 321
  • Ashvin Virpar Shah – 07931 228 973 or 020 8551 3776
  • Kishore Lalji Haria – 07920 068 513 or 020 8503 9010
  • Nandlal Ranmal Shah – 07828 205 833 or 020 859 73845

Management committee reserves the right to amend any programmes or schedule without prior notice, any changes will be announced on the OAUK website.

Please note photographs and videos may be taken at events, and by attending you are giving permission to Oshwal Association of the UK for your image to be used in any post-event publication such as Oshwal News magazine, our Website and/or other media channels.

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