2018-2020 Executive Committee

EC Office Bearers

Nilesh Bhagwanji Shah

Hon. President (2018 – 2020)

Tushar Jayantilal Shah

Hon. Treasurer & Property Management

Mala Dinesh Shah

Acting Secretary

EC Portfolio Holders

Varshaben Shah


Sudhirbhai Meghji Shah

Media & Communication

Rekha Mahesh Shah


Poonam Chimanlal Shah

Youth Culture

EC Area Chairpersons

Shejal Nilesh Shah

West Area Chairperson

Shailan Premchand Shah

Area Chairperson

Paresh Raishi Shah

South Area Chairperson

Nitaben Shah

Luton Area Chairperson

Nishma Ramesh Shah

North East Area Chairperson

Nilesh Dhanraj Shah

Area Chairperson

Nikunj Prabhulal Shah

Leicester Chairperson

Kishore Lalji Haria

Area Chairperson

Bhikhalal Velji Bidd

Area Chairperson

Key Contacts

Roles & Responsibilities

Area Committee Role

Each of the 9 regions of the Association have an Area Committee, which is responsible for overseeing all local activities in their respective Areas. The...

Executive Committee Role

The Executive Committee (EC) of the Association is responsible for the overall policy and general management of the entire Association. Members of the EC...

Board of Advisors Role

The Board of Advisors (BoA) is an advisory committee within our Association. It comprises of all past Presidents, who are not serving as elected...

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