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Important Notice regarding Coronavirus Pandemic

Please note due to the coronavirus pandemic, all physical Gujarati school classes are currently closed.

Dear members, parents, grandparents and adorable children,

We have had the most challenging four months of our lifetime, caught up in the coronavirus epidemic, self-isolation, with or without jobs, economically unstable, education drawn down to a standstill with the closure of schools in March.

I take pride in announcing that we have created history for OAUK by revolutionising the mode of teaching Gujarati, starting virtual Gujarati teaching lessons for the students who attend our schools on Friday evening or Saturday mornings. This has created an enormous amount of work for the teachers, to prepare their lessons using different resources and presenting them to the children in a fun based, effective learning of the language.

This work has been brought to fruition with the help of Ashishbhai Patani, IT portfolio holder for OAUK, Malaben, Personal development EC Trustee, myself, the Area Chairs Pareshbhai (South), Shailanbhai (North), Shejalben (West) and Nileshbhai (North West), as well as the Education Portfolio Holders, Nipunbhai (South), Kunteshbhai (North), Maheshbhai (West) and Navinbhai Kamani (North West).

We are deeply thankful to our teachers for taking up this challenge and been a huge learning curve for all. All this has been possible with the unity and dedication of the whole Education team, spending endless hours training themselves and others. We now have 23 classes running, most of them on Saturday morning, except one on Friday evening. North area has started adult, conversational, reading and writing classes. We hope to carry on with the virtual classes until such a time as the government uplifts all restrictions.

Also, please browse through the Gujarati section of our website , regularly as we will be sending in exciting news and updating our school information, especially look out for EDUCATION EVENTS FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS.

PROSPECTIVE PARENTS AND CHILDREN, please follow us on the website. We look forward to more children and parents participating with our schools, and take up Gujarati learning.

Rekha Shah

OAUK Trustee and Education Portfolio Holder

Meet the Chairperson

Rekha Shah

Education Chairperson & Trustee



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In order for Oshwal Association of the UK to conduct online gujarati classes, it is important to obtain parental consent for running online classes...

Spectacular event coming up!

Live webcast of Gujarati Schools of OAUK

Virtual Open Morning – Saturday 11 July 2020 – 10am to 10.45am

We are planning our schools Virtual Open Morning webcast. The open morning is only a brief encounter with us, giving everyone an insight into our Gujarati classes, for children from Balmandir to GCSE, age group 4 to 15 year olds and adults who missed the opportunity to learn Gujarati, but can now fulfil their passion. Some of us know how to speak but may wish to revive their reading and writing skills or some may be beginners and would like to take this task as a means of communication with our older generation.

The webcast will showcase what can be accomplished by learning our mother tongue, how our schools have facilitated to keep Gujarati language alive. The advantages of learning Gujarati, as a language are enormous, prime ones being, to stay connected with the great grandparents, revive our culture, and retain our legacy.

It is going to be an amazing webcast. If you wish to know about the history of our Gujarati schools, the past teachers and education teams, how our schools have progressed over the years, our involvement with the consortium of Gujarati schools and the way forward. All will be revealed on the webcast.

I request all our members, friends ,family and children, join us on the 11th July.

Information of the schools is on our OAUK website for all the four schools. If you wish to contact any of us, the emails of all four schools will be on the website.

Register now!

School Open Day

Key contact details for our Gujarati Schools

North West School

Email: education-nw@oshwal.org

South School

More info, click here.

Email: ogssouth@oshwal.org

North School

Email: education-n@oshwal.org

West School

More info, click here.

Email: usha.shah@oshwal.org

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