Education- Past, Present and Future

11th November 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Oshwal Centre
Coopers Lane Road
Northaw, Hertfordshire

Professor Atul K. Shah

An educator for four decades, Professor Atul K. Shah has a PhD from London School of Economics, and has taught at Universities of Bristol, LSE, Essex, Suffolk, Maryland (USA) and City University, London, where he is presently Professor. He has four published books, several hundred articles on Jainism, scientific journal publications on banking, accounting and finance, and is a popular University teacher and student mentor. His work has been profiled in the Financial Times, Guardian, Forbes, Economia and he was the founding editor of Jain Spirit international magazine.

Atul has also done a number of BBC Radio broadcasts, including Radio 2, Radio 4, World Service and has also appeared on Channel 4. He has lectured at international conferences all over the world, and is a sought after speaker on contemporary issues. In 2010, Atul embarked on a 1500 mile Masala Tour of Britain, widely broadcast on the BBC, educating the nation about the Asian contribution to British economy and society.

His books are available on Amazon. As a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Atul is a regular commentator on ethics in the profession. Twitter @atulkshah Email:

Introduction of Professor Atul K. Shah by Education expert and Leader Dr. Lynne Sedgmore CBE

Synopsis of Talk:

Education is the key to personal growth & progress – but what education? How can we raise children to be wise, not just studious? Can more education be more damaging? What is the Jain theory of education and knowledge? What about the costs and benefits of private education and higher education? These are some of the burning questions we often ask, but rarely have a forum to discuss and understand. Parents, teachers, professionals and educators from all backgrounds are welcome to attend this unique ‘wisdom’ conversation – the Question & Answer session will give you an opportunity to air your views and share in the wider dialogue.

Opportunity to meet Atul Shah.  All are welcome – bring your friends

Event organised by Youth Culture, Professional Development, Membership Services Sub Committee.

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