Dhaja Din and Swamivatsalya Bhojan 15 Sept 2019

15th September 2019 @ 12:15 pm
Oshwal Centre
Coopers Lane Road
Northaw, Hertfordshire

Jai Jinendra and Pranam,

OAUK extends a warm invitation to ALL our members to join us for the

Dhaja Din,  Sattar Bhedi Puja  and Swami Vatsalya Bhojan

The 13th Dhaja Din ceremony of our Derasar is on Sunday 15 Sept 2019.

Snatra puja will be performed at Oshwal Centre Hall at 9:00am followed by Sattar Bhedi Puja.

The flag raising ceremony will take place at 12:39 pm at the Derasar, followed by Swami Vatsalya Bhojan on this auspicious day.

To help catering arrangements, please let us know HOW MANY persons from each family / household would be attending the Dhaja Din and Swamivatsalya Bhojan. 

Dhaja Din and Swamivatsalya Bhojan

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