OAUK Financial History

Year-end Income £ Expenses £ Accounts
31/12/2018 1,991,752 1,720,125 click here
31/12/2017 2,401,557 1,493,050 click here
31/12/2016 5,231,614 1,423,823 click here
31/12/2015 2,567,058 1,439,222 click here
31/12/2014 2,936,456 1,260,920 click here


Ensure that there is a robust financial recording and reporting system in place both at the Centre and the Areas, and which comply fully with all the accounting and regulatory requirements.

Committee Activities

The activities of the Finance Committee will include the following, but is not limited to the following, and may change from time to time as required to realise the overall vision of committee and as approved by the OAUK Executive Committee.

  • Overseeing the role of Area Treasurers and assisting with any difficulties as required.
  • Overseeing the financial reporting process for all Areas.
  • Oversight of regulatory compliance, and ethics within all Areas.
  • Monitoring the internal control process within all Areas.

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