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How I kept going being a vegan

By Mihir Shah I have now been vegan for just over two years and prior to this I was vegetarian my entire life. When I...

Benefits of a plant based diet

By Raksha Shah Being born in an Oshwal family, all of us already have a head start to adopting a plant-based diet. It took me...

My experiences and difficulties in making the transition to a vegan lifestyle

by Nishma Mahersh Shah I became vegan around 18 years ago (in 2000), for ethical reasons. Having been brought up as a lacto-vegetarian in a...

Oshwal Vegan

Welcome to the 3-day vegan challenge. The aim of this challenge is to raise awareness about a growing trend towards a vegan diet. Whatever your...

EN Team celebrated IDDP 2017 Pantostyle

EN Group celebrated IDDP 2017 by attending the Cinderella Pantomime at Compass Theatre in Ickenham on 3 December 2017. The team then continued to...

Arrange suitable events for Oshwal Association members to reflect on and awareness of matters related to Health, Welfare & Disability.

Key H&W and EN Contacts

Ashwin J. Shah (EC Member)

Upcoming Events

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Bubble Pop 23 March 18

Dress the live mannequin 23 March 2018

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