Hemini Raju Shah

Role with Committee OAUK Honorary Secretary (2016 – 2020)
E-mail hemini.shah@oshwal.org
Company / Business Cranbrook Castle Montessori Nursery
Role with Company / Business Kindergarden Teacher
Education / Qualification 11 GCSE’S , 2 A LEVELS, Diploma in Early Years Teaching
Profile If someone were to ask me to sum myself up in a few words, it would probably go something like this. An enthusiastic 23 year old always full of energy and positivity. I enjoy taking on new challenges and am eager to try new experiences. I love to travel and my favourite destinations are amongst natural surroundings and landscapes. I love my job which involves working with children. Besides Oshwal I put my time out to volunteer with other organisations and charities and enjoy serving the public. I am an approachable and friendly character and those who know me will tell you I can be very talkative too!
Vision for Oshwal Originally serving in my local area (East Area) as a general committee member and then moving onto Area Secretary, I have now taken on the role as an EC Secretary. Being a part of the EC will also give me the opportunity to meet and participate in events with all our areas and I look forward to these connections. Bringing the Youth in has been something that we all keep hearing and with my background and experience I hope to be a part of making this happen in the next 2 years.