Kaushik Narshi Shah

Role with Committee OAUK Honorary Vice-President (2018 – 2020)
Profile I am a self-employed international business development consultant advising clients in all aspects related to the development of major infrastructure projects, development of sea ports, shipbuilding (commercial & naval), offshore engineering and logistics.

I have served the OAUK in various capacities both at area level and as an ec charity trustee. Played a pivotal role in the construction of the shikhar-bandhi deraser at Oshwal Centre and was a convener of the pratishtha mahotsav of the deraser in august 2005.

I drafted, prepared and rewrote the constitution of the OAUK together with the regulations. Both were passed and adopted at an SGM of the association in 2006. These documents are currently in use as the governing instruments for the OAUK.

I have also served as a school governor for almost 20 years at the local primary school which my children attended and much of these 20 years i was the vice-chairman of the board of governors. I stepped down from this role in 2007 as i was spending long periods travelling abroad.

I enjoy reading, watching topical tv documentaries and news channels, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Sadly, I lost my dearest wife Sunanda four years ago. She was my backbone for everything that i have achieved and in particular for my service to the community. She served side by side with me every step of the way. Now her memories are my inspiration to re-engage in my service to my wider family of the Oshwal membership and in this i also have the full support of my children.

Vision for Oshwal My vision for Oshwal has been to take this wonderful organisation to newer and bigger heights as we move forward.

From the very humble start in 1968 today we are an organisation with significant membership and assets. We have perhaps one of best organisational structures of most of the similar ethnic religious and community organisations in this country.

My vision is to ensure that we should continue to make further progress towards getting better and more active engagement from the gen-next of our membership. This up and coming next generation consists of talented and academically highly proficient individuals who need to be nurtured to understand how community organisations like our work to serve the diverse needs of everyone from the youth to the elderly.

We need to work towards leaving a legacy, for our future generations, of a robust organisation with well defined administrative processes utilising the developments in technology on an on-going basis.

Our ultimate goal should be to ensure that we continue to develop a sense of voluntary service in our next generation to a level where everyone of them would be ready to take up important positions willingly and happily.