It was a little push from destiny, a slight self-nudge from individuals with a sprinkle of Christmas magic that set the scene for KismetConnect – the first singles’ event held on 21 December 2018 at Oshwal Ekta Centre.

The response was huge! The event was a sold out nearly a week before the event date!

It was the last Friday before Christmas and almost everyone dressed in their festive best, with Christmas jumpers and all! A brilliant effort by over 60 people attending.

Upon registering, all picked up a festive welcome drink and were free to network with the gentle aid of a celebrity guessing game!

The evening was designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment, with fun activities and prizes to get everyone talking with one another. One activity involved learning and teaching a new skill, where, would you believe it – the men and women were split up and separated to learn a skill! Fear not, later in the evening they had to teach each other their new found skill!

In the background, there were wonderful volunteers who helped with the setting-up, cooking and decorations. The Christmas themed food was delicious, including a vegan nut roast with trimmings and gravy complimented by red and white sparkling grape juice.

Dinner was followed by a story telling session – it was like no other, each individual per table revealed their favourite cuisine, holiday destination and crazy experience and had to combine it into a funny story for the judges to decide the winner. Well done to all for your entertaining stories.

The evening drew to a close with chatter over teas/coffees, mince pies, biscuits and baklavas!

Thank you to those who came and kindly provided such positive feedback! Here are some of comments left by participants.

  • “The event was very well organised and it was quite an interesting concept. Loved the idea of having ice breakers and the games in between mingling sessions.”
  • “On the whole, I think I would attend such a function again as it’s not as daunting as a traditional speed dating event. It was very well organised and had gathered a good number of crowd.”
  • “I wanted to say thank you for organising the event. I enjoyed all of it.”
  • “It was fun and I liked that there were groups and the activities planned. The event was well organised. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated for helping the community. Keep it going!”

We also received some feedback to help develop the event better in the future, as follows:

  • “I have an idea for events in the future, e.g. a speed dating bowling night.”
  • “You may be able to display age ranges.”
  • “I think in future events it would be good idea to have a clear process with obtaining contact details of people we are interested in.”

Finally, a quick note of thanks, from the KismetConnect Team, for all the great comments received on the day and afterwards by email and mobile phone message. One thing which stood out was that there was lots of interest from individuals on the day of the event to attend in addition to a waiting list. Therefore, for next time we would recommend anyone interested in attending to book your tickets early, as this will also help us plan for future events.

On that note, watch out for details of the next KismetConnect event on our website and social media channels.

In the meantime, you can get in touch with the KismetConnect team here: network@oshwal.org

Main Photo credit: Super thanks to Neha & Jaimal Shah for allowing use of their pre-wedding shoot photo! And thanks too to photographer J Nandha Photo & Video for taking this great picture.