My Profound Passion for Sport and Exercise

Blog by Ishani Tailor

Jai Jinendra. My name is Ishani and I am 14 years old. I want to welcome you to my blog regarding why I have a profound passion for sport and exercise. I sincerely believe there are a myriad amount of benefits to doing sports and exercise,  I will elucidate further into my blog. Not only will sport aid your physical appearance: sport will enhance your mood, self-esteem and has countless more beneficial factorsDo you want to feel a sensational sense of proudness in yourself? Sport and exercise has the solution. Enjoyment of sports is pivotal. So too is determination. Both are key ingredients. 

Predominantly, sport, beyond doubt, is absolutely paramount for prosperity. Scientists have discovered that exercise enhances your energy and concentration levels. Almost 98% of individuals stated that with continual exercise, they had an enhanced mind-set. I can absolutely assure you from my personal experience that sports creates an immense impact on your life. Furthermore, exercise aids and diminishes your stress and anxiety levels. Your sleeping patterns will become consistent, systematic and methodical as a product of you being less anxious. Nevertheless, you must believe in yourself to perform to your highest standard. Never lose heart in sports. Try again and again. Until you feel you’ve accomplished your goal. 

Secondly, Sport and exercise averts a myriad amount of illnesses. This includes: cancer, diabetes, heart diseases by up to 50%. Isn’t this astonishing? Reasoning to this is, frequent exercise will enhance your immune structure, which will reduce the probability of you suffering from these significant illnesses. research investigated by the British Heart Foundation elucidated that for each hour of disciplined exercise, you gain approximately two hours of additional life expectancy. I was exhilarated once I heard this information. During exercise you may experience discomfort and agony: pain is provisional but pride is permanent. Pain is a reflection of your determination and valour. Pain should be embraced. Pain may incapacitate you transitory, yet you should never let this halt you. 

Of course, without a doubt, exercise will aid weight loss. The more intense your workout appears to be; the more calories you burn. Gradually, you can even monitor your weight loss and feel proud in yourself with your accomplishment. Nevertheless, it is always imperative to maintain a healthy, nutritious and nourishing diet while exercising. Your body acquires a sufficient amount of food in order to exercise to your fullest potential. Water is paramount, fundamental and principal. It is indispensable that you hydrate yourself: otherwise your body will experience consequences later. 

To summarise my blog, as mentioned prior, exercising has a myriad amount of worthwhile effects. I am positive you have heard the phrases to exercise your brain, by reading various genres of books, since reading is imperative for learning and engaging. Well, reading is proportionately as paramount as sports: sports exercises your body in a similar way to reading exercising your brain. Here’s a brief quote from the Health Minister of London: “Exercise is for everyone, young or elderly, an amateur, a high aptitude or learner. Exercising in any forms is more beneficial than none.” To my fellow peers, ultimately you need to have the valour to engross yourself in a sport. I sincerely feel, as do many, that exercise and sports is absolutely paramount: I sincerely hope you concur with me after reading my blog.