Oshwal Talks – Nikhil Shah

Oshwal Talks – Wednesday 18th August  2021  8-9pm

Nikhil Shah

Oshwal Talks to Nikhil Shah about paving a path outside the norm as a creative entrepreneur, the rollercoaster ride of building startups and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Nikhil Shah is a creative, technology and social impact entrepreneur. He is the founder of Mixcloud, the world’s leading streaming platform for on-demand DJ sets and radio shows, with over 20 million listeners and 4 hours of content uploaded every minute. He is also an advisor to a number of mission-driven startups in the creative industries, technology and wellbeing. Nikhil received a BA and MA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He is a DJ and a trained yoga instructor.

We’ll also end with a short Q&A session so please send your questions to oshwalweb@oshwal.org in ADVANCE of the 18th August 2021

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