Welcome to Oshwal Volunteer Group!

Here you can find out all about upcoming events and initiatives within our Association and also how you can get involved by volunteering and helping to shape the future of our Community.

What is OVG?

OVG stands for Oshwal Volunteer Group and is a key initiative to get Oshwals of all ages more engaged and involved in our community.

Our aim here is to increase transparency over some of the upcoming events and initiatives happening in our Community so that Oshwals can get an opportunity to get involved and help shape the future of our Community.

Simply read the list of voluntary opportunities below and get in touch with the relevant contact person.

Volunteer Opportunities

To see the opportunities simply click on the “+” sign to expand the section. Click “-” to close the section.

Oshwal IT Team

As our Association grows from strength to strength we are looking to make technological updates to our Association’s IT infrastructure. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who have technological ideas and experience to get involved. Please contact:

Kavit Shah – (E) kavit.s.shah@areas.oshwal.org

Vimal Shah – (E) vimal.shah@ovg.oshwal.org

OhNo! News Readers

OhNo! (or “Oshwal News Online”) is a news-report style video update on the latest news and reports from our community. To check out the latest edition, click here.

If you would like to be news presenter or a reporter for OhNo! get in touch with the Oshwal Digital Media team. Contacts as follows:

Ashish (E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

Meera (E) meera.shah@ovg.oshwal.org

Oshwal News Writers

Oshwal News magazine is a quarterly hard-copy print magazine for our Community. We are looking for writers both ENGLISH and GUJARATI who would be interested in writing articles for the magazine. Contacts as follows:

Sudhirbhai (E) sudhir.shah@oshwal.org

Bhavini (E) bhavini.shah@ovg.oshwal.org

Oshwal Trekking Volunteers

We are looking to plan an Oshwal Trek in 2017 – 2018 with the aims of going to either Base Camp (Himalays) and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). We are looking for both Oshwals who would be interested helping organise this adventure! For more details, please attend our volunteer briefing meeting, click here. Contact details:

Ashish (E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

Hemini (E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Oshwal Medical Camp

We are looking to plan an Oshwal Medical Camp in 2018 and are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping organise this! For more details, please contact:

Bhavni (E) bhavni.shah@oshwal.org

Hemini (E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Volunteer Briefing Meeting

Want to get involved in personal and professional development opportunities? We are putting together series of seminars and are looking for volunteers with ideas for topical seminars who can help organise these events. You will gains great event management experience as well as make great new networking contacts. Please contact:

Rahul Malde – (E) rahul.malde@oshwal.org

Ashish Patani – (E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

Annual Ball 2017 Volunteers

We are looking to plan an Annual Ball in November 2017 and are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping organise this! For more details, please contact:

Bhavni (E) bhavni.shah@oshwal.org

Hemini (E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Diwali 2017 Celebrations

We are looking to start planning for the Diwali 2017 celebrations and are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping organise this! For more details, please contact:

Bhavni (E) bhavni.shah@oshwal.org

Employment Opportunities

We currently also have employment opportunities currently. For more details, click here.

Tender Opportunities

We have many events being planned for the year, and have several tender opportunities as below.

Tender for Trek to Kilimanjaro

OAUK are facilitating a group excursion to Mount Kilimanjaro from 31st August to 15th September 2017 for an estimated 50 people. The trekkers are looking to find a Tour Company who can organise a package which includes:

  1. International Flights from London- Nairobi & Nairobi to London
  2. Internal return Journey from Nairobi to Tanzania
  3. Optional return Journey from Nairobi to Mombasa
  4. Accommodation in Arusha
  5. Park fees, Porters, Subsidence costs on Machame Route
  6. Last Day Celebration Activity for Trekkers
  7. Optional Trip to Mombasa- South Coast for 3 Nights (Including Accommodation & Meals)

We are inviting any Tour Operators who can provide this service to please get in touch with us.

Contact Details:

  • Ashish (E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org
  • Hemini (E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Closing Date for tenders is 17th February 2017.

Catering Service Required for Annual Charity Ball in November 2017

Oshwal Association of the UK (OAUK) will be hosting an Annual Charity Ball for the youth on 18th November 2017 for an estimated 300 people. We require catering service to both prepare and serve food onsite at our Community Centre in Potters Bar, with options for both buffet style and sit down served catering services. Food has to be strictly vegetarian only (no meat, no egg, no fish) and must have vegan options too. We invite any catering company who is able to provide this service to get in touch with us.

Contact Details:

Closing date for tender is 28th Feb 2017.

Key Youth Portfolio Contacts

Bhavni Amritlal Shah (Youth Culture)
(M) 07966 260 111
(E) bhavni.shah@oshwal.org

Kunjal Chandrakant Haria (Youth Sports)
(M) 07771 834 552
(E) kunjal.haria@oshwal.org

Rahul Jatish Malde (OBPN & Enterprise Programme)
(M) 07809 147 066
(E) rahul.malde@oshwal.org

Ashish Jayantilal Patani (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07708 753 510
(E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

Hemini Shah (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07957 308 702
(E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

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