Rekha Mahesh Shah

Role with Committee Education
Company / Business Locum Pharmacist
Education / Qualification MRPharmS
Profile Born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya, came to study in UK in 1972. My parents, Devshibhai and Vijyaben migrated to UK in 1975 with my sisters. We lived in South London where my parents were actively involved with our community and served in different ways. After my marriage in 1980, I moved to North London and was fortunate enough to come into the new family where my in-laws played a significant role within the North East Area Oshwal community. Being the eldest of the three sisters, I had learnt to take up responsibilities at an early age and felt very passionate about helping others. I worked as a hospital pharmacist for 16 years. As the children grew up, I joined the NE Area Gujarati school and teaching our young youth our language and culture gave me a lot of satisfaction. In 1998, I changed roles, joined my husband in our shop and had a big gap from teaching and pharmacy. However, I like challenges, project managed building our own house, helped to develop our own portfolios, inspired my own children in their education outcomes. I have gone back to my profession as locum pharmacist and been teaching at North Area Oshwal Gujarati school.
Vision for Oshwal Seeing some children that I taught twenty years ago and how learning Gujarati has shaped their careers and their foothold in our community, I think the youth of today have a lot to give. I would like to convey the message to all youth and make them realise how proud we have always been to be called an Oshwal and get our community to thrive, grow from strength to strength in all fields of life. Education has a role in learning Gujarati but one must be aware that the elderly need just as much help in communication in this highly technical world. So let us join in harmony and work together.