Bhakti at Ekta Centre June 2019

Bhakti sandhya at Oshwal EKTA Centre on 26th Jun 19 was sponsored by Parivar of Late Chhaganlalbhai Punja Shah & Late Shantaben Chhaganlalbhai Shah...

Fagan Teras Chha Gau ni Yatra

Tuesday 19 March 2019 The pictures say it all. There were over 200 people who attended the Yatra. Everyone was explained the climbing of Palitana. Chha...

Samet Shikhar Pilgrimage February 2019

SAMET SHIKHAR PILGRIMAGE (JATRA) FEBRUARY 2019 Whilst visiting the areas, during the recent Paryushan Mahaparva festival, we had announced that a pilgrimage trip to Samet Shikhar,...

Snatra Pooja June 2018

On Sunday 24 June 2018 we had approximately 100 Pathshala students and those who were interested in learning a practical Snatra Pooja with music. Everyone...

Bhakti @Ekta Centre – May 2018

Bhakti for May 18 was sponsored by Parivar of Chaganlalbhai Virpar Parbat Gudka in celebration of Savitaben's 80th and Rohitbhai's 60th birthday. This month's...

Jain Pathshala Course

Jain Pathshala classes shall be starting 11th September 2017. Course Outline ==> Click HERE (course information in both English and Gujarati).   If you have not already...

Jain Pathshala Enrolment Form

Jain Pathshala classes shall be starting 11th September 2017. Please complete and submit your registration.

Questions on Adinath Bhagwan

Please find attached a questionnaire on Adinath Bhawan (1st Tirthankar). Adinath Bhagwan Questions Please send replies in stamped address envelop to the Oshwal Centre Office (care...

Jain Pathsala – Classes 9 to 10

Classes 9 - 10 for Jain Pathsala JAIN-PATHSHALA-CLASS-9 JAIN-PATHSHALA-CLASS-10

Jain Pathsala – Classes 5 to 8


Jain Pathsala New Sutras

MONDAY 27TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - JAIN PATHSHALA This evening 8.30pm to 10.00pm we saw our 4th Jain Pathshala class at Oshwal Centre...

Jain Pathshala Sutra Recap

MONDAY 20TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - JAIN PATHSHALA This evening 8.30pm to 10.00pm we saw our 3rd Jain Pathshala class at Oshwal Centre...

Jain Pathshala and Sutras

MONDAY 13TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - 2ND JAIN PATHSHALA CLASS EXPLORES DIFFERENT SUTRAS. This evening 8.30pm to 10pm we saw our 2nd Jain...
  • Fagan Teras – 6 Gaav ni Yatra – Tuesday 19 March
  • Ayambil – Thursday 11th April to 20th April
  • Kalpa Sutra Poojan – 1st September (jointly with all the areas)
  • Chatya Pari Party – Sunday 8th September (visiting 5 temples in London) Oshwal Centre, Mahavir Foundation, Colindale, South (Lunch) and finishing at Ekta Centre
  • Dhaja Din – Sunday the 15th September
  • Ayambil – Saturday 5th October – 14th October
  • Diwali – 27th October (Day time – Pava Puri ni Bhav Yatra – Depicting Life of Mahavir and evening Chopda Poojan)
  • Diwali – 28th October – New Year
  • Kartak Poonam – 12th November
  • Gnan Pacham – 1st November
  • Posh Dashmi – 20th, 21st and 22nd December – (22nd will be a big Poojan)
  • A big Poojan – 1st January 2020 (New one – which we will announce near the time)

All events are with Jayeshbhai.

Everyone is welcome to participate.

* For catering purposes please can you let the admin office know.

For any further information please contact Varshaben via email or phone 07710 230 377.

Management reserves the right to make any changes to the event (including times etc) due to unforeseen circumstances.

Meet the Chairperson!


Varshaben Dilip Shah

Religion Chairperson

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