Shri Siddhaachal Giriraj Pat Darshan Bhaav Yatra

Friday, 19th November 2021 at 10.00 am

A very warm welcome to all to attend Shri Siddhaachal Giriraaj Pat Darshan Bhaav Yatra organised by the Oshwal Association of the U.K. on this auspicious day of Kaartik Purnima. Siddhagiri Palitana Bhaav Yatra has great importance. The Bhaav Yatra accompanied with Bhakti will be performed in front of a large Siddhagiri Pat followed by Lunch.

A Nakro of £51.00 has been kept for sponsorship of the Siddhagiri Bhaav Yatra which also includes Aangi of Prabhuji and items for the Puja. For registering your attendance and sponsorship of the Yatra please contact the Oshwal Centre Office. Tel: 01707 643838

To download details in Gujarati, click here.

You can watch the live stream on Oshwal YouTube channel and on Oshwal Facebook Page