Thank you for your Directory Replies


Thank you to our Oshwal Members, all 1,500+ households who have already sent in their verification replies to the Email or Letter.

There are some 6,500+ households in total so we still have a long way to go, but please remember the deadline for reply is Wednesday 31st January 2018, so please make best efforts to get your verification replied returned to us by then.

There are help videos as well as help email address and phone line on our website on the directory page.

Processing the Verification emails and letters

Several EC members and volunteers from local Areas met on Tuesday evening and started processing all the verification emails and letters received. Some of the issues we came across:

  1. Completing the disclaimer – even though the verification email and letter we send out clearly states that the disclaimer must be completed many people are not doing this. This causes unnecessary delays. We urge all our members to ensure that the disclaimer is completed before replying by email or letter. This is important given the new data protection rules which come into effect soon.
  2. Giving Email address – many household are not giving any email address. It would be much easier for us, as an Association, to contact households with an email address. This is faster and cheaper than postal letters. So, we urge households to provide at least one email address.
  3. Children moving out of home – many households are seeing their grown-up children move out of their homes, to live in their own homes. But, no address, email or contact number is being provided for children who have moved out. Simply, write in the yellow line next to the relevant grown-up child who has moved out, their basic contact details, so we can follow-up and give them the opportunity to be in the new directory.

Replying to queries

We are also receiving an average of 25 to 30 queries a day, via the help email and phone line. We are trying to reply back as soon as we can, as we are all working in a volunteer capacity. So we humbly request two things of members:

  1. Please give us time – we aim to reply to everyone in due course, but we cannot do this instantly as we are all working in a volunteer capacity with full time day jobs.
  2. DO NOT make multiple calls – some members are repeated calling daily and often multiple times a day regarding the same queries. This does not help and only adds to our call list unnecessary. We will reply back or call everyone who had a query, but please be patient.

Remember volunteers working on the Directory do so in the evenings (after a long day at work). So please bear with us and be patient.

Processing the replies

We are trying to follow a strict procedure to process all the verification emails and letters.

  1. Firstly, we sort out all the replies between ones which are completed and incompletely filled in. Where there are incompletely filled replies in we have to contact the relevant member households again, and this causes delay. We urge all members to ensure that disclaimers are completed fully before sending us your reply email or letter.
  2. Secondly, we update our database area-by-area and households-by-households, using the unique households reference number, based on all replies which have been competed in full.
  3. Thirdly, we mark up the verified replies (emails and letter) and store them in a separate folder ready to be audited.
  4. Forth step, is to audit the updates which have been done. To ensure there is as few errors as possible, when one teams has update the database with information from the verification emails / letters received, another team would double check the work done.
    After this, we will format the data into a new Directory, we will show you a sample of what the new Directory will look like next week, so watch this space.

Cut-off for replies

Any replies received after Wednesday 31st January 2018 will not be included in the Directory, so we urge members to reply back by this date at the latest.

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