1,000+ letters packed and ready to go!


Yes, as we said yesterday..it is really happening!

The Directory team met yesterday evening at Oshwal Centre and prepared over 1,000 verification letters to send out to the remaining Areas. These letters will be in the post on Sat 30th Dec, and most likely to be reaching households in the 1st week of January 2018. Therefore, please look out for the verification letters.

Remember, you will only be getting a verification letter if we don’t have an email address for your households. To save costs and to ensure a quick turnaround, where we have an email address for households, we will be sending out a verification email.

You can find video help guides of how to reply back to email and/or letter verification on the main Directory page, click here.

Please note the deadline for reply is Wednesday 31st January 2018, and you need to reply irrespective of any previous replies you may have sent and even if there are no changes to be made. This process will help our Association, company with forthcoming Data Protection legislation. Therefore, it is essential that every households replies back by the deadline.

To keep a track of the progress of the verification exercise and for more help guides, click here.

The following poster is a helpful summary of what to do with the Email or Letter verification.

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