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Northampton Paryushan 2018

Paryushan is the period for spiritual awareness, reflection, humility and forgiveness. The real purpose of the Paryushan is to purify our soul by staying...

NW English Pratikraman 2018

“I have really understood the essence of Pratikraman by doing it English. My sincere thanks to all the teachers involved in conducting the Pratikraman” “This...

NW Paryushan4Kidz 2018

SCVP Jain School, run by Veerayatan UK, were invited again this year by Oshwal NW to deliver Paryushan4Kidz at Harrow Leisure Centre after last...

Bhakti at Ekta Centre September 2018

Bhakti for 26th September 2018 was sponsored by Family of Late Premchandbhai Vershi Shah & Late Jamnaben Premchand Shah - Haste Benaben and Navinbhai,...

Essence of a Soul (Gujarati)

પર્યુષણ પર્વ વિષે સ્પષ્ટતા   આત્મા સ્વભાવથી જોતા પવિત્ર હોવા છતાં, એના પરિણામમાં રાગાદિ વિભાવભાવોની ઉષ્ણતા જીવને અજ્ઞાન દશામાં ચાલુ રહે છે.  જીવને આકૂળતારૂપ દુઃખનો અનુભવ...

Essence of the Soul (English)

The true essence of the soul is pure, but in its transitory state and in the absence of focusing within, it fails to attain...

Leicester Area Paryushan 2018

Paryushan 6th – 13th September 2018 Leicester area members celebrated Paryushan by joining in the Stavans, Aarti and Mangal Divo. Paryushan is a time to...

East Area Swamivatsalya Bhojan

Swamivatsalya Bhojan, on 16th September 2018, was well attended by east area members. Delicious food was cooked at Lalitaben house so many thanks to...

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President's Message

South London Property Update on Imperial Way

OAUK had agreed to purchase a property on Imperial Way, Croydon, subject to planning permission...

E-Newsletter June 2018

  Jai Jinendra and Pranam, It is now two months, since we conducted our elections and I...

E-Newsletter May 2018

The following E-newsletter was sent out in May 2018, and included: President's Message GDPR Consent ...

Key Jain Festival Dates - 2016

  • Mon 29 Aug – Paryushan (Shvetambar) (Ends: Mon 5 Sept with Choth Prtaikarman)
  • Sat 10 Sept – Sun 11 Sept – Dhajja Din
  • Sat 8 Oct – Second Ayambil Oli (Ends: Mon 17 Oct)
    Click HERE to read more on Ayambil
  • Sun 30 Oct – Diwali – Chopada Poojan
  • Mon 31 Oct – New Year Day
  • Mon 14 Nov – Kartak Poonam

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