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Inspiring Young Oshwals on an Adventure of a Lifetime

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January 2018 Oshwal Trekking – Chess Valley Walk

With the Christmas and New Year festive season over and the weighing scale dials going clock wise, what better way of making a New...

Bhavni’s Chai Corner – Special Kilimanjaro Edition

Special edition of Bhavni's Chai Corner, speaking to Nikita Shah, a qualified fitness instructor about the upcoming Kilimanjaro Trek. In September 2017, 29 trekkers will...

Protected: Kilimanjaro Trekker Profiles

Dear Trekker, As a way to get to know each other and also as part of the wider fundraising and publicity for this trek, please...

Making it easier to Donate!

WEDNESDAY 26TH JULY 2017 - OSHWAL FINANCE COMMITTEE - WE ARE NOW REGISTERED WITH BT myDONATE! We are pleased to announce that we have now established...

Oshwal Trekkers climb Box Hill

SUNDAY 23RD APRIL 2017 - OSHWAL TREKKERS CLIMB BOX HILL Article By Priya Shah In the midst of political confusion and an upcoming determining general election, a group...

Oshwal Trekkers visit Dunstable Downs!!

SUNDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2017 - OSHWAL TREKKERS VISIT DUNSTABLE DOWNS! Article by, Poonam Chimanlal Shah What a pleasant surprise to wake up early on a February...

Oshwal Trekkers Conquer Ashridge Estate!


Oshwal Trek gets the Go-Ahead!!

An Oshwal Adventure of a lifetime has began!!

Mala saves Suraj!

Malaben demonstrated basic first aid on Suraj at the second Oshwal Trekkers meeting!

Oshwal Trek 2017 Form

If you are interested in joining us on the Oshwal Trek in 2017 and/or during the various training sessions, please fill out the following form...

Kilimanjaro Briefing Session Presentation

Please download the Kilimanjaro Briefing Session Presentation given on Tue 20th June 2017 at Oshwal Ekta Centre. Simply click on the download button below.

Kilimanjaro Info Pack

Please download the Kilimanjaro Info Pack if you are interested in coming on the trek in September 2017. It will provide you with important information about the whole trek. Simply click on the download button below.

Kilimanjaro Kit List

If you are not sure of the kit to have for the Kilimanjaro trek, Malaben (a Oshwal Trek volunteer) has put together a suggested kit list. Simply click on the download button below.

VBM - Tuesday 15th November 2016

The second VBM (Volunteering Briefing Meeting) was held for the Oshwal Trekkers on Tuesday 15th November 2016. If you missed the meeting and would like a copy of the presentation slides, simply click on the download button below.

VBM - Thursday 20th October 2016

The first VBM (Volunteering Briefing Meeting) was held for the Oshwal Trekkers on Thursday 20th October 2016. If you missed the meeting and would like a copy of the presentation slides, simply click on the download button below.

Training Trek Schedule

The following treks are for the Oshwal Trekkers as part of the training programme for the Oshwal Trek to Kilimanjaro in September 2017.

However, these training trek are family friendly and anyone can join in. Note, children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an Adult.

Monthly Training Trek

Click on the name of the trek for more details.

Kilimanjaro Boot Camp Training Session

We have arranged a few intense training sessions led by a qualified fitness instructor for trekkers coming to Kilimanjaro. For more details, click here.

To see pictures from the various training treks, click here.

We will be shortly uploading details of more Oshwal Trekkers going to Kilimanjaro this year.

Ashish Patani

Ashish is our Hon. Treasurer as well as a very active member of the Oshwal Youth team, helping to co-ordinate all Youth activities aimed at...

Bhavni Shah

Bhavni joined the EC for the first time in 2016 and is very active member of the Oshwal Youth team, helping to co-ordinate a...

Hema Shah

Hema as become an active member of the Youth team helping with getting the whole Kilimanjaro Trek project approved by the Executive Committee with her presentation back...

Hemini Shah

Hemni is our Hon. Secretary as well as very active member of the Oshwal Youth team, helping to co-ordinate a range of Youth activities aimed at...

Praful Nagda

Praful has been a keen trekker and has been involved right from the start, helping co-ordinate and be a guide on all the monthly training treks...

Ronak Bid

Ronak is a very keep trekker as well as a Oshwal Youth volunteer, helping organise many of the upcoming events like Diwali & Annual Ball. Help...

Sita Shah

Sita is a keen trekker and enjoys all outdoor activities. This will be her first time attempting Mt Kilimanjaro.

Suresh Shah

Suresh is  the current North Area Honorary Treasurer. I have served in  same post some 30 years ago. I have previously (some 45 plus...

Vimal Shah

Vimal is a keen trekker and has been helping with various monthly treks. Help Vimal achieve has fundraising target by sponsoring him, click here.

Donate Now!

Oshwal Kilimanjaro Trek is in aid of the Oshwal Medical Camp 2018. The Camp will provide aid to the disabled and those with special needs. Oshwal Youth are leading the cause by raising funds to support this event. Please support our young Oshwals in the worthy cause, by donating as much as you can. Thank you.

Key Youth Portfolio Contacts

Hemini Shah (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07957 308 702
(E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Ashish Jayantilal Patani (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07708 753 510
(E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

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