Oshwal Volunteer Group!

We have many volunteer opportunities for Oshwals’ interested in getting involved in some of the new events we are planning for this year like: Graduate Application Workshop, Seminar for Optometrists and Pharmacist, Diwali Celebrations, Annual Ball and many others. For more details and to get in touch with us, click here.

Latest Articles

Wellingborough Table Tennis Tournament

On 09 April 2017, we were welcomed by the Hindu Community Centre in Wellingborough to participate in a Table Tennis tournament. The tournament consisted...

Bhakti Sandhya@EKTA – April 2017

"The Bhakti session was a lovely evening, spiritually uplifting with great energy..." Bhakti sponsor

OAUK North West shine again in Table Tennis

Bowling was really fun and there were many teams with different people in them. Everyone got really competitive. You got to interact with people you hadn’t really had a chance to talk to.

President’s Address 2017

OAUK Hon. President, Tushar Jayantilal Shah, giving his Presidential Address at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 30th April 2017 at Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar,...

EN Celebrates Earth Day 2017

Enabling Network team celebrates Earth Day 2017. More pictures as follows:

48 Verse Bhaktamar Stotra

SUNDAY 7TH MAY 2017 - OSHWAL HOUSE - 48 VERSE BHAKTAMAR STOTRA PERFORMED Bhaktamar Stotra is a famouse Jain Sanskrit prayer. This prayer is composed...

Ayambil April 2017

3RD TO 12TH APRIL 2017 - OSHWAL CELEBRATE AYAMBIL THROUGHOUT OUR COMMUNITY IN RECORD NUMBERS! The sponsors of Chaitrya Mass Ayambil where Nileshbhai and Binduben in...

Oshwal Trekkers climb Box Hill

SUNDAY 23RD APRIL 2017 - OSHWAL TREKKERS CLIMB BOX HILL Article By Priya Shah In the midst of political confusion and an upcoming determining general election, a group...

For more Prathna Sabha and Funeral announcements, click here.

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