Jinendra Bhakti Mahotsav at Oshwal Centre

Saturday 26 March 2017 – Special Report coming soon of this truly beautiful blessed day, celebrating the lives of our Oshwal Vadils and showing our appreciation and gratitude for our respected elders for all their hard work and contribution to our Oshwal Community.

Oshwal Annual General Meetings

Sun 2nd Apr – Leicester, North, North East and North West Area AGM

Sun 30th Apr – Executive Committee AGM

Note: These AGMs are only for Oshwal Members. You MUST bring your membership card with you.

Latest Articles

Sari Wearing Workshop @ Shakti Centre

  Special thanks to Minaben Shah and her friend Chhaya for organising the sari wearing workshop at the Shakti Centre. The evening was well attended and...

Message from your Chair – Luton

Jai Jinendra, At the turn of the year many people take this as an opportunity to re-focus on their individual priorities by making resolutions. Choices...

Jain Pathshala and Sutras

MONDAY 13TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - 2ND JAIN PATHSHALA CLASS EXPLORES DIFFERENT SUTRAS. This evening 8.30pm to 10pm we saw our 2nd Jain...

Application and Interview Workshop Survey

Are you or do you know someone looking for a Graduate Job or Internship? We are looking to host an Application and Interview Workshop, to...

Fagan Teras 6 Gauv-ni Yatra

FRIDAY 10TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL CENTRE - FAGAN TERAS 6 GAUV-NI YATRA Fagan Teras 6 Gauv-ni Yatra took place on the 10th March 2017....

Ramat Gamat and Medavdo Divas

On Friday 3rd march we held our first Ramat Gamat and Medavdo Divas of 2017. With 60 people already registered to attend we knew we had a busy day ahead. In total, we had 63 people attend.

Jain Pathshala started at Oshwal Centre!

MONDAY 6TH MARCH 2017 - OSHWAL HOUSE- 80 keen Oshwals came together for the first Jain Pathshala class for the year. Article by Bhavini Shah On Monday...

East Area’s Bingo Night

East Area celebrates celebrated its monthly event with Bingo On Saturday 25th February East area’s regular monthly programme at St. Albans Church Hall was attended...

For more Prathna Sabha and Funeral announcements, click here.

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